Leather / Suede

Leather / Suede are a great alternative to the traditional, commonly used clothing labels. These labels are great for durability, long-lasting, and are unique. They are strong and are often used on high end brands to convey a message of quality and prestige. Leather / Suede labels can be attached to the outside of the garment and are often used to label denim, boots, work clothes, jackets, and more. Generally your logo or designs are embossed or debossed (reverse embossed) onto the leather creating a great burned look that makes your product eye-catching. Molds are used to stamp the leather and the 3D effect is produced by the raised areas of our logo or text. These labels can be attached to variety of items or used as hang tags to really stand out and give your items a unique look.

These Labels include:

• Embossing / Debossing
• Spot Coloring
• Suede
• Imitation Leather
• Synthetic Leather
• Leather Tags
• and more…

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